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Four Ways to Market your Ebook for Free

Four Ways to Market your Ebook for Free

Do you have a self-published ebook that you want to market? Are you wondering where to start? Is your marketing budget limited? The good news is that you don’t have to spend lots of money to get your ebook out there. There are a number of things that you can do to create awareness and persuade people to buy it.

Guest Blog

Take advantage of any guest blogging opportunities that come your way… Better yet, search for them on your own. Guest blogging provides you with the opportunity to market yourself to an audience that would never have heard of you otherwise. If you manage to guest blog, especially on reputable sites like, your brand will experience a boost in terms of public perception. This will make people more amenable to what you have to offer them. The key is to blog for sites that allow you to incorporate a link to your site. You should take advantage of the chance to link back to your website or a landing page that allows you to sell your book. Some of the people who read your post may like it enough to buy what you are offering, especially if you are obviously an expert. Ensure therefore that you write the best guest blog post possible. You have only one chance to make a good first impression.

Editor’s tip: Why not arrange a blog tour? The aim with this is to approach several different blogs and sites and try to arrange consecutive days’ worth of coverage – so, schedule an author interview with one blog on the first day, followed by a blog post on another site on the next day, to span several days in a row. These can be smaller, less well-known blogs – even 1000 or 2000 readers in one day can lead to an increase in sales, and momentum with this will keep you prominently positioned in retailers’ charts for longer. If you’re approaching blogs direct then persevere and Google appropriate blogs. Otherwise, there are companies that can assist with this kind of approach.

Build your Brand on Wattpad

Wattpad touts itself as the biggest community for writers and readers alike. It has 40 million members, after all. It’s therefore in your best interest to take time to build your brand on Wattpad. Write stories that people would love to read. Let people get familiar with your style of writing. You can then use the online platform to persuade them to buy other books. When people are familiar with the kind of work that you do, they will be more willing to put their hard-earned money towards something else that you write. So, take time to ensure that the free stories you provide for Wattpad members are will make people want to read more. If you can manage to persuade even 0.1% of Wattpad readers to buy your book then you will have a great start on selling it for the long term. Opening an account at the site is free.

Offer the First Book Free

Giving away your first book for free is going to be painful, but you really should consider doing it. Giving away a free book is an effective marketing tactic for serialised books in particular. There’s something about the word “free” that makes people a little bit impulsive. The first book will help reel in your audience, who may be compelled to buy the remaining books in the series just to read the ending. No one likes to be left hanging. When giving a free book away, be sure to ask your readers to write reviews of that book. The more reviews a book has, the more popular it will become. This in turn will make it more likely to be bought by people. The only essential cost of marketing your book serials will be the effort you put into self-publishing that first book as well as any associated production costs. The long-term benefits however, could be priceless.

Arrange a Sale

Everyone likes a good sale. If you offer a book sale to your target audience, it’s highly likely that people will buy. You can offer discount codes and coupons to anyone who is interested. You can also offer special promotions during major events and holidays. If you have several ebooks available for sale, consider reducing the price of all of them. Do also consider offering several books and ebooks together for a price that is lower than what all of them would cost if bought individually – this is known as ‘bundling’, and can help to shift more copies. When you offer sales, you are in essence marketing your products. The readers will be happy about getting a good deal, and you will be able to sell more copies of your books. That’s a win-win situation, no matter how you look at it.

Do not let your limited budget prevent you from marketing your ebook. If you are gutsy enough to self-publish your book, be resourceful enough to find affordable ways of marketing it. Guest blogging, building your brand on Wattpad, offering a book for free and offering book sales are just some of the good marketing strategies you can use. More often than not, marketing strategies will cost nothing but effort. So get started today!

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