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Category: Fiction
Author: Jon Beattiey
Publisher: Matador
Price: £7.99
ISBN: 9781906221430
Pages: 314
Reviewed in issue: 10
The main character in this novel, Andrew, is married and runs an accounting business from home. His wife Samantha has her own life and they are drifting apart – they have two grown up children who have left home. Samantha suggests that Andrew takes a younger woman who would be there to fulfil his needs. Andrew has to make the decision as to what and who he wants in his life. To add to the mix, he also finds a new love, Roberta, a divorced woman living in a very large country house.

The author keeps the focus on the main character Andrew, and doesn’t deviate from the main story line. My biggest disappointment is the unrealistically high number of women that Andrew takes to his bed! They all know about each other, and seem to accept the situation. All too polite and convenient in my opinion.

This is a well written novel; it is light and entertaining. It is easy to read and be absorbed into the story and the characters lives. Contour is a high standard paperback which is very reasonably priced and one I would very highly recommend. Beattiey has a great ability in his writing and if this standard of writing is adhered to, I can’t wait for his next novel!
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