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Everyday life (A Play)

Category: Drama
Author: M.G. Hardie
Publisher: Lumina Press
Price: £11.95
ISBN: 9781605940366
Pages: 138
Reviewed in issue: 11
Everyday Life is a play following four African-American men in the 1990s through their daily lives as they discuss issues that affect them and the need for change. Central character, L, a former sportsman now reduced to working in a dead end job after a wrongful conviction, is three-dimensional and sympathetic throughout the play. Although there are moments when the characters seem forced into certain conversations so the playwright can express his opinion on the topic, the dialogue is for the most part naturalistic and humorous, with Hardie’s self-coined words adding to the feel of the characters.

However, I would question whether drama is the best medium for this story. The running time would be fairly long, and with little variation in pace, tone and tension it may struggle to keep an audience’s attention.

L makes the life changing decision of the blurb, but this is not the climactic moment it should be, there is no build up to it and the play simply fizzles to an end afterwards, and you wonder if a more interesting story would have been to see the impact this decision has on L’s life.
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