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Jack the Hare and the Mukuyu Forest

Category: Children
Author: Mary Kay
Publisher: M2BN
Price: £5.99
ISBN: 978-095557050-6
Pages: 80
Reviewed in issue: 9
This is an interesting account of episodes in the lives of the animals that go to live in the Mukuyu Forest. There are echoes of Aesop’s fables and the storyteller voice used throughout the text also reflects this genre. The characters are at times funny, at times foolish and at other times very wise.

It is a little difficult, however, to pinpoint exactly the age of the reader to whom this text would appeal. The book really does seem more like a collection of episodes rather than one overall story. Some of the messages in the sub-plots would be too sophisticated for a younger readership, yet the child-like behaviour of some of the animals may not be adult enough to hold the attention of more advanced readers.

This may well be a text which teachers could dip in and out of for school assemblies or citizenship lessons. Sometimes the language is far too sophisticated for the younger reader who might be interested in a book like this with wild animals as the characters.

The book does sit well on a bookshelf. It is well presented. The print is clear, the paper is of quite a good quality and the cover illustration is enticing. The price of £5.99 is reasonable.
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