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Heaven's Fire

Category: Fiction
Author: Kizzi Nkwocha
Publisher: Apex
Price: £5.99
ISBN: 1904444389X
Pages: 166
Reviewed in issue: 8
Kizzi Nkwocha has written a cracking thriller here. A web of history, fact and fiction draws the reader into a steadily rambling tale of government secrets, lost ancient scriptures and fanatical religious groups. This is a well-written story with a good plot and a satisfying end – if thrillers are your preferred reading genre, then it's worth following Donald Bryan, Oxford Professor of Theology and Language.

Bryan deciphers codes, and jets around the world in search of a lost piece of scripture while being tailed by a fanatical group, which also wants the scriptures in their hands. A mix of death, business and alien activity keep the story pulsing to its conclusion.

The book’s cover raises the question: is there any truth? This thought-provoking novel achieves the author’s aims to challenge his readers about the workings of our world and our view of it.

Nkwocha is a respected newspaper writer and this shows, in the short, article-length chapters. The only thing I’d change in the layout of the book is to have a clear line space for easier reading, the rest – good.

What a refreshing change to read a self-published book without typos. The layout, page design and cover say quality and for £5.99 it should be a winner.
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