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Ne Obliviscaris: Do Not Forget

Category: Fiction
Author: Margaret Henderson Smith
Publisher: Arima Publishing
Price: £9.99
ISBN: 9781845494063
Pages: 262
Reviewed in issue: 17
As well to have a translation in the sand on the cover, for this is an as obscure a title as the initial impression offers. Traditionally the first page or two will scene set, introduce a character or two, and allow the readership to grasp an idea of where the story may go. Not so. Enter teacher Harriet’s confused world of chaos and mixed up emotions, listen to her cleaner’s vaguely incomprehensible chatter (why drop so many aitches?), understand that her body can be ‘wrenched in delight’ but not matrimony by a well described classics scholar and become totally confused when it appears she’s seduced by an alternative up-market Mr Sanderson.

It is he who runs the school and treats her in such a polite manner, except when she has repeated disasters. The chaos runs irrepressibly on in relentless conversation, cats, cars, chatter. Will she succumb? Will she survive? If one has patience and can close half an ear whilst ploughing through a catalogue of catastrophes, you’ll find out. And if you count commas as you go, there are a fair few missing, though there are chapters a-plenty. A shame the story wasn’t better structured (and proof read) - the intricacies, nuances even, are difficult to spot amongst the rest though they are there. Moderately well produced if a tinge expensive, you have to possess stamina to reach the denouement.
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