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Our team of industry experts offer guidance, inspiration and insights on a range of topics about all aspects of self-publishing.

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The London Book Fair 2016

The UK's premier book trade event takes place each year at Olympia. The London Book Fair attracts publishers, retailers and industry suppliers... and authors! Rachel Gregory looks at the best way for authors to approach the event, and what they can expect to find...


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From the Editor...

There’s so much new content for you to look forward to in August. As ever, we have articles lined up from a range of experts, on a whole host of subjects – from freelancing, to marketing across dual formats. Is there a topic you’d like to learn more about? Search the site and if we haven’t already covered it, send me an email and we’ll try to publish something relevant.

Following the popularity of our inaugural ‘Authors’ Life’ and ‘Q&A’ articles, we’re already working on a fantastically varied and exciting content schedule for AW16. To tide you over until then, read our new posts and definitely keep an eye out for our regularly updated Editor’s Picks, which you can find at the bottom of the homepage.

We hope you agree our #IndieBookoftheWeek slot looks great – and that lots more of you will submit your books for our consideration. As ever, if you’d like to get involved with this or want to give us feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

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Helen McCusker, Booked PR

Helen has worked in publishing for the past decade and before that enjoyed a varied career in broadcast journalism, including entertainment reporting for the BBC. Having worked “on the other side”, the award-winning book publicist has managed a busy newsroom and interviewed many authors live on-air, so knows exactly how a good author press release should read – and the best time to strike. Since combining her skills and launching Booked PR in 2008 (celebrating 8 years of service in August 2016) Helen has had the pleasure of promoting both traditionally published and self published books. This year, Helen launched the @TheAuthorHour on Twitter - a weekly social media author forum where writers can talk about publishing, promotion and share their knowledge. She regularly speaks at publishing events and is always willing to advise authors on the best promotional strategy for their book.

Find out more at: or follow Helen on Twitter: @helenmccusker

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Rachel Gregory, Magazine Editor

Jeremy Thompson, Managing Director, Troubador

Debbie Young, The Alliance of Independent Authors

Ben Cameron, Cameron Publicity & Marketing

Helen McCusker, Booked PR

Cressida Downing, The Book Analyst

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Video Update…

From the editor…

We have lots lined up for you in AW16, much of which centres around helping you to market your books effectively. We’ll be posting articles on audiobooks, author websites, blogging, an indie author’s guide to using social media, and even a piece on podcasts. It’s a way off yet, but we want you to be prepared to push your book in the countdown to Christmas, with fingers firmly on the pulse of all of the latest ways that you can bring a product to market and reach your target audience at one of the busiest times of year for the book trade.


You may have noticed a theme to some of our recent posts – we’ve published quite a few articles about how you can use technology to help with your writing. These ideas are proving popular with indies – and it’s easy to see why. Have a look through the dropdown topics above for inspiration!

With many more guest posts to come, including our third Authors’ Life snapshot, I’d like to express a huge thanks to all of our recent guest contributors. Is there anyone you’d like to hear from, or a subject that you’d like us to cover? As always, get in touch and let us know; we love hearing from you.

Indie Book of the week


The story of a man torn apart by his loyalties to his lord, his king, and his wife.

We are in 14th century England. Edward II is king, Roger Mortimer is disgruntled, royal favourite Hugh Despenser is nasty, Queen Isabella has had it and in the midst of all this mess, fictional protagonist Adam de Grande and his wife Kit have to navigate a political quagmire that could lead to death and ruin for them both.

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