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Top Rated

The London Book Fair 2016

The UK's premier book trade event takes place each year at Olympia. The London Book Fair attracts publishers, retailers and industry suppliers... and authors! Rachel Gregory looks at the best way for authors to approach the event, and what they can expect to find...



Ready to Launch!

This handy countdown to launch date lift-off is Ben Cameron’s definitive guide to getting your book noticed prior to the day of publication. He advises on how you can give your book equal footing in a market where lots of new books are jostling to be noticed and receive media coverage.


From the editor…

We’re excited to announce that from the end of May, we’re launching our new, monthly ‘Ask An Expert’ feature. Our panel of professionals is qualified to answer questions about everything to do with writing and self-publishing – be that writing, production, design, marketing, ebooks or anything else in-between!

Contact us on Twitter @selfpublishmag, or send me an email:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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